When we need the will to carry on, the community and its support plays a role in this.

A witty, funny and yet power talk delivered by Cornel Hoza on the founders of one of the most nonconformist NGOs in Romania. The talk is in Romanian, but we will soon add the English subtitles. So stay tuned. Until then, here are a few highlights: “Everything we did until now with Beard Brothers, without the active support of the community, it would have meant nothing” “How I see a community and changing the world in general…it is very important that each person from that community should do something.” “When you think about making a change, everybody thinks about doing great things or things which are hard to get. But it isn’t like this. think about this: if we would go now in the street and each person would pick up a cigarette butt, the street would be cleaner.” “ maybe it would be simpler to go to seven big companies and raise money, but for us it is more important to raise an euro from 150.000 people. maybe this way 150.000 people will be aware of the real problem in our society. A problem which concerns all of us.” “When we need the will to carry on, the community and its support plays a role in this. Otherwise I do not think we could carry on.” “I strongly believe in the unity between people. But we need to work a lot on it in order to get there. We should try as much as possible to identify our common goals and highlight them as much as possible.”

About the speaker

Cornel Marian Hoza wanted to change rigid and discriminatory mentalities and to make the world a better place. So together with a few bearded friends he created an NGO: Beard Brothers – a group of young people with initiative, offering their help and support where needed, working for the good of society and finally having fun while doing this. Today, Beard Brothers along with the Sisterhood and the Volunteer Crew grew into a community of over 800 active members all around Romania. Their purpose is to ‘promote and practice a cool way of volunteering, to change mentalities, to break social stereotypes’. In the past five years, Cornel managed to grow a beautiful community of volunteers and in the same time touching many more other communities through their social, educational, medical, cultural and sports campaigns. So far, the Beard Brothers have organized around 80 events in over 20 cities in Romania and 10 cities abroad, with a direct impact on more than 10.000 people who were brought together to make the world a better place. From their first campaign of helping people living in a village with a name resembling their own: Bărboși (the Bearded) to their current campaing of raising money to buy a new ambulance for the local emergency system, Cornel and his crew helped many communities through creative and innovative ways.

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