Collaging at Consuela

October 4, 8:00am - 9:30am CDT. Hosted at Consuela

About this FieldTrip

Join us for an energizing morning of collaging (and coffee)! We’ll work with the Creative team at Consuela for an interactive collaging experience to explore the use of creative language and collaboration.

Consuela’s Art of the Unmatched design philosophy uses unexpected colors, textures, and patterns, that are purposefully “unmatched” rather than mismatched as if by mistake; a study of contradictions. This quote reminds us that we are free to reinvent ourselves and to embrace all of the characteristics that make us individual. We are each a tapestry, woven together from our personal path and experience; a patchwork of varied and unique characteristics.

We’ll engage in unconventional and unexpected challenges to create distinct and unique collages to express our own stories and journeys.

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