Clay Creative - Learn, Improvise, and Collaborate with Sculpture

Hosted at Georgina Lohan Studio

part of a series on Intention

About this FieldTrip

I have been creating a series of sculptures I call Seacreatures that are inspired by the coral reefs. I am Fascinated by the coral being a lifeform that thrives in symbiosis with so many other lifeforms; I see it as a metaphor for life on the planet itself.

Focusing on an interconnected web of relationships, I have developed some very improvisational techniques for creating these sculptures, and would like to share some of these methods and invite Creative Morning participants to contribute to some works in progress. We will be working with some very soft, white porcelain so wear something that can get dirty or bring an apron.


Georgina Lohana is a soloprenuer running a studio for contemporary ceramics, specializing in porcelain sculpture. As well as producing her own work, she also teaches workshops in pottery and sculpture.

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