Creative; vibrant, approachable and enthusiastic designer/maker from Melbourne. I have a passion for an adventurous and healthy lifestyle; whilst exploring new boundaries in work and life.

Whilst finishing my studies at Monash University I secured a position at Dinosaur Designs. Appreciating their use and sensitivity to bold forms and colours. A keen interest in environmental and exhibition design grew.

After completing my studies I secured an internship as Graphic Designer at the prestigious Object Gallery, under Director Steve Pozel. The influential and rewarding position was paramount to my future design endeavours.

Returning to Melbourne I then worked at Lovell Chen Architects and Heritage Consultants, under the watchful eyes of influential Directors, Peter Lovell and Kai Chen. It was an honour to be part of the team and work on some of the most amazing projects in Melbourne. Here I developed a strong working relationship with Jane Joyce; her knowledge, strong typography skills and creative expression in the built environment have been a major influence.

I made the big move to Vancouver last year and was fortunate to secure a position at AldrichPears Associates. For seven months I worked on the Bursa Aviation and Science Centre. I am currently looking for my next design adventure whilst continuing to pursue my freelance work in graphic and exhibition design. When I find time I work with new materials to create contemporary jewellery and objects.

Specialties: Way finding systems, Environmental Design, Graphic design, Communication design, Branding, Identity Design, Publication Design, Brochure Design, Packaging, Typography, Advertising, Posters, Digital Retouching, Retouching, Art catalogues, Exhibition design, Jewellery making/design.

Australia, pasta making, running and cycling.

Saying 'no' sometimes. I am always saying 'yes'.

I received the best advice from a dear friend whilst on a long training run in Lysterfield Lake Park, Victoria. She said: Some people make it to the edge of the cliff, it takes great courage to then make the leap of faith.

I admire my oldest sister Georgina. Who juggles being a mum, sister, daughter, friend etc. She is a physiotherapist at the Austin hospital and deals with a great deal of stroke victims and people with spinal injuries. Assisting in the rehabilitation process. Allowing the patient to regain a productive and independant life.

Pasta making


Birthday's of my family members; lyrics of Prince and Madonna songs, lyrics from the Labyrinth and my mum's coconut slice recipe.

A little game my nonno (grandfather) taught me whilst walking in the bush. You use a particular plant and bend the stem to create a harmless weapon.

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