Choosing colors is considered to be the last big bastion of intuition. So let’s shed some light onto this myth and talk about magical vehicles and sun in Serbia.

Christian Hanke talks about the color spaces of three projects he realized with his colleagues at EdenSpiekermann in Berlin. Before they start to develop colors an internal (and sometimes an external) research helps to find the right strategy for wording, branding, and the final color palette. The branding of Blloon, a new ebook subscription service, is based on the discovery, that reading=escape. For the travel start-up Get Your Guide EdenSpiekermann developed a fresh color space that is used for secondary items, body copy, and iconography. Finally they equipped the editors of the online version of Die Zeit Magazine with colors that are provided by a color picker in the CMS of the magazine “and they work with it, which is great.”

About the speaker

Christian Hanke works as a Creative Director with Edenspiekermann bridging brand and digital. His clients range from startups like GetYourGuide, Media Brands like Zeit Online to global brands such as Red Bull. Leading agile teams he aims for useful and beautiful experiences – grounded in high respect for the user, rich narrative formats and true love for craft. Furthermore he teaches, talks and judges design. His work has received numerous awards, including the red dot design award “best of the best”.

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