Chris McCray encourages us all to take some chances

About the speaker

Chris is all about changing perceptions when it comes to spaces, furnishings and facial hair. He is always close to being on time, usually delivers on what he promises and always stands by his work. He mostly claims to be a southerner, with roots in Texas and Virginia, and is no stranger to a good bourbon and a long afternoon nap.

Chris started on the road less traveled early: selling rocks for a nickel in El Paso at age 5. He founded Chris McCray Designs in the mid-‘90s, and after over a decade of interior design, enrolled at RISD with the goal of expanding his horizons. He finished with a Master’s in Industrial Design and a motivation for change.

After a brief stint as the director of a design-thinking initiative at Syracuse University, Chris decided to fly back to warmer climates. He founded McCray & Co. in sunny Austin, Texas in 2010 and is currently hard at work designing experiences, spaces, and things. With the windows rolled down.

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