Chad Littlefield presents a compelling and thoughtful perspective on the “fantasy of collaboration.”

Curiosity → Questions → Conversations → Connection

Simple process. Easy to imagine. Messy in real life.

Chad Littlefield presents a compelling and thoughtful perspective on the “fantasy of collaboration.” On how to break down communication barriers and increase connection. The session will cover a new framework for viewing our interpersonal interactions along with tips on how to ask more powerful questions. Chad’s style is lively, highly interactive, and rooted in stories of failure and moments of triumph. You will walk from this session with two concrete, actionable tools to ask more powerful questions to create connections worth remembering both inside and outside of work.Questions determine the conversations we have. Conversations have the power to create meaningful connections. Let’s break down the “fantasy of collaboration.” Then, let’s turn the ideal into the real.

About the speaker

Chad Littlefield, M.Ed., is the co-founder and CEO of We!™ (, author of the Pocket Guide to Facilitating Human Connections, and former TEDx speaker. As a speaker and professional facilitator, Chad designs fun, challenging, and engaging experiences and tools that break down communication barriers, and increase connection and engagement. He has worked as an instructor at Penn State University and led the design team who created We! Connect Cards™ which are now being used to create conversations that matter within companies in over 50 countries around the world. Chad has the privilege of consulting, coaching, and facilitating within organizations like JetBlue, Starbucks, Penn State, Cigna, Typeform, United Way, Goodwill, TEDx and dozens more.

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good one! thanks!

Mar Reyes • September 18, 2017