FTP: F*ck The Person who put me in this dress

Connecting across the physical, mental, and societal barriers of being imprisoned, comic book art lifts the voices of incarcerated people. Many are wrongly convicted, have suffered abuse, and have grown beyond the moments that landed them in prison. Reflecting on our own complexity as humans, Casper takes a prison abolitionist mindset to confront cancel culture.

About the speaker

Casper Cendre is a queer activist and creator based out of Oakland, CA. Cendre co-founded ABO Comix, an abolitionist publishing collective dedicated to amplifying the voices of incarcerated LGBTQ+ people through artistic expression. Through ABO Comix, Cendre has published an annual comic anthology featuring stories from currently incarcerated queer and trans artists with profits benefiting the contributors and their families. He supervises the publication of zines related to prison abolition and the effects of mass incarceration and works closely with individual prisoners to develop their art and more effectively tell their stories. ABO Comix has recently been featured in multiple magazines, podcasts and radio shows, and was the winner of the 2019 Prism Comics Awards.

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