Carl White speaks on the role of imperfection in art and life.

About the speaker

Carl White was born in Liverpool, England in 1969. He Studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design from 1989-1992 in Calgary, Alberta. His paintings and drawings have been featured in many solo and group exhibitions across Canada since 1992 and reside in numerous private collections nationally and internationally. White currently lives and works in Calgary, Alberta where he divides his time between teaching and studio work.

In the way that a poet would seek to understand language with the goal of approaching the sublime, I have tried to understand painting with  similar purpose. The ability to move beyond the literal towards a truth. The tools of a painter are akin to that of a poet, words and their placement, language and its rhythm. I am painting poems, images that dance between realism and abstraction, text and flesh, with the hope that the viewer experiences rather than views. To see more of Carl’s work visit his site at:

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Whenever I get comfortable creating, whenever I get a pat on the back from mom or someone, or I have a good successful show or make some money, it's like hang a left, break it, right, because this comfort is the most dangerous thing to the creative process. — Carl White

I've long believed that the known imposes constraints on creativity, so the more that we know and understand about what we do, the tighter and tighter our focus becomes and we stop exploring. — Carl White

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