Designer and Educator Chris Thompson tackles the complexities of finding your authentic creative voice and the vulnerability required to make work that truly resonates with aka shocks your audience.

Visual artist and educator better known as Chrisolux unpacks his own design career and how putting it all on the line brought him to his authentic voice. Tackling the theme of SHOCK, Thompson shares his experience working in New York City at James Victore Inc. His talk reveals his own belief about the vulnerability required to reach your “ true and authentic voice, and when you put it in your work it’s gonna be real easy to shock people. Not because you’re being offensive, but because you’re offering something of yourself.”

About the speaker

CHRISOLUX is a design consultant working to better equip creative teams with the “4C’s." Communication, Collaboration, Concepting, and Critique, he believes, are fundamental to making creative work better, to creating a culture of creativity in any work place, and to connecting with one’s intended audience.

He leads creative teams and their clients through design thinking workshops, creative sprints, and his own methods called Conceptology: The Power of Human Connection that he developed in his 8+ years teaching as college professor starting at The School of Visual Arts in 2010, then at Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film and most recently when he rewrote the design curriculum at O’More College of Design.

As a graphic designer he was trained at Portfolio Center (2007-2009) in Atlanta, under the legendary Hank Richardson, and then under his mentor, the world famous designer James Victore in NYC, where he was trained in the philosophy of the Polish Poster School of 1939 started by Henryk Thomaszewski. 

CHRISOLUX specializes in creating bold, sexy, sophisticated, and smart work in print and digital for clients world-wide. He has a passion for influencing culture positively through his work, developing creative talent, speaking publicly about creativity, and working with brands, bands, and products like yours.

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    Ckm artistic headshot fave

    My favorite quote from this talk was "I want to make work that people want to steal." Very good presentation... way more than I was expecting. Great job Chris!

    Ken Maynard