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Equality from ear to ear

We humans, as unequal as we are, have always been clamouring for equality. Equal money. Equal status. Equal rights. All these demands of ours are from the outside world. But, what about the world inside us?

Is every experience that our body offers us equally important to us? Apparently not. As our sight dictates and our other senses humbly accept their status, what are we missing out? Is our perception of reality warped by this inequality of our senses?

During numerous interactions with the blind, Avinash Rebello realised that they were totally in touch with their senses, which made their perception of the world not just different but a lot simpler. He found that what was obvious to them was elusive to most sighted folks, including himself. They experienced, while we judged. To understand this better, he blindfolded himself and tried out a bunch of things from eating to dancing and team building. The results were moving enough to start From Ear to Ear - an initiative for: 1. Exploring sense-centric vocational opportunities with the blind. 2. Designing and conducting blindfolded workshops for the sighted on request.

A former advertising creative, Avinash can also be found at Remade In India - a store for upcycled products in Indiranagar, Bangalore - introducing patrons and you to the wonders of upcycling and sustainable living.

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