Business Design professional with experience working in Design Consulting and Program Management roles. I am an idealist about the future and pragmatist about the present and execution of a good idea is much more valuable to me than just the ideation of a great one. I am also a writer who never started an unappreciated air guitarist and a Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen - but only with cusses.

I can name about 190 countries in the world.

Business and system design, Design Thinking, Program Management

Desire outlives ability

No one person. Though traits of a-plenty - Carl Sagan, da Vinci, M Visveswaraya, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, My Grandfather, explorers such as Ibn Batuta and Marco Polo, Alan Hilgarth and many many more!

Sleeping with my eyes open...yawning out responses that confuses the listener to the point of deliberately ignoring me.

Fish Whisperer or bedsheet

On good days, my name. On the best days - pants! On the worst - the door.

how to make french fries Elbow Licking Good...that's right. I have patented this phrase.

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