The craft behind bookbinding, traditional bows and arrows, and painting.

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Our first speaker is Inka Vybohova. Even though Inka never wrote a book in her life, in the past 12 years she’d made many. She’s the true lady of crafts and also the professional bookbinder from Slovakia, currently creating in Amsterdam. Unconditional passion for everything handmade led her to study bookbinding. She believes that in creating books one can find the perfect balance between arts & crafts. For now her career is at the starting point, but her artistic creations have already traveled to exhibitions from New York to Tokyo and back to Slovakia. Personal motto: Book‘s not dead! 🤘

Our second speaker is Thomas Ravestein. The passion for his craft started when Thomas had to make a prop bow and arrow for a video project. What started as a side venture soon got out of hand as a full fledged passion for creating historically authentic archery equipment. Now over 12 years later Thomas makes traditional bows and arrows and provides archery workshops. The bows and arrows he makes can be used for archery but also make a great decoration for every space. In his work he makes use of traditional techniques and natural materials that most people would consider little more than firewood. It always fascinates him to learn about the huge variety of bows and arrows used throughout the ages and cultures. Studying them in detail allows Thomas to rediscover and improve this ancient craft.

Our third speaker is Ralitsa Antimova. Ralitsa is originally from Bulgaria but has lived in Amsterdam for almost 10 years. For a long time she worked in full time recruitment and did various creative work in her spare time. Now things have shifted and Ralitsa is more of a full time creator and a part time recruiter. When she paints she is more interested in the process versus the end result. Ralitsa paints for how it makes her feel rather than seeking a perfect end result.

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