The passion for my craft started when I had to make a prop bow and arrow for a video project. What started as a side venture soon got out of hand as a full fledged passion for creating historically authentic archery equipment.

Now over 12 years later I make traditional bows and arrows and provide archery workshops. The bows and arrows I make can be used for archery but also make a great decoration for every space. In my work I make use of traditional techniques and natural materials that most people would consider little more than firewood. It always fascinates me to learn about the huge variety of bows and arrows used throughout the ages and cultures. Studying them in detail allows me to rediscover and improve this ancient craft.

Traditional bows and arrows, woodworking, Motion graphics design, video and animation.

Just keep doing what it is you do. After a while you get older and people assume you must be really good at what ever it is you do because you have been doing it for so long.

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