5 speakers x 5 minutes = inspiration!

Karen Renee Rob, advocate for the power of live sound and vibration, opened her presentation by weaving a beautiful tapestry of sound using a frame drum. She then spoke about the human need for live music and sound to reduce stress and mental chatter, and help build community. Jonathon Richter is an illustrator and animator who spoke about his hobby of creating small paintings, and the process of letting the paint brush - and his subconscious - lead the way. Scott Tripp is a balloon artist. When people hear “balloon artist”, many think of a clown at birthday parties making animals. Scott expanded horizons and introduced us to balloon art at its most creative and abstract. The talented Annette McNamara has been helping others transform pain in to beauty through her unique approach to photography. Her art focuses on embracing all that makes us who we are and she soon will be taking her journey on the road - spreading love and self-acceptance as far and wide as Atticus the Bus will take her. As a teenager, Katie Clinebell discovered art as a road map for getting through emotions. She walked us through her artistic process which can help us better identify, articulate and work through our feelings.

About the speaker

Get ready for nuggets of wisdom, work, and inspiration from 5 (five!!) of our incredible community members!

We asked, and you answered. Specifically you: Scott Tripp, Annette McNamara, Karen Renee Robb, Katie Clinebell, and Jonathan Richter.

Chosen from over 20 submissions, each of them will have 5 minutes to give us something great, and we’re so excited for every single minute of this!

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