Astrology 101: Learn The Basics of Your Astrology Chart + How it Can Supercharge Your Personal Growth

October 5, 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT.

About this FieldTrip

I’m going to teach you that you are SO much more than your horoscope. Astrology is a tool that can rocket launch your personal development journey, but only if you know how to use it. In this FieldTrip, I’m going to break down the basics of understanding your astrology chart in a way that is SUPER easy to understand, and then I’m going to teach you how to apply it to your life.

I’ll be walking you through deciphering your birth chart, explaining the importance of three big astrological energies in your chart, and then ending with a big, fat, juicy Q&A!

Here are the astrological energies we will be examining and what they will reveal:

Moon Sign - Learn how you process emotions, what kind of nurturing you need for true healing, and where in your life you have blockages in your energy.

North Node - This is your greatest potential. The North Node reveals the secrets of your purpose on Earth and the life you’re meant to live.

Saturn - Learn where you need to establish stronger boundaries. Learn how to overcome what has been holding you back. Understand the transformative changes you’ve experienced in your life through a new lens.

Whether you’re totally new to astrology, astro-curious, or a total expert, I can’t wait to connect with you in my Astrology 101 Fieldtrip.

Before the FieldTrip starts, I’ll send you a link to look up your own birth chart, which you’ll use during the workshop.

Be ready to dive deep into a new layer of YOU.

About your Host
Hi there, I’m Rosy!

I help personal growth enthusiasts use astrology and human design to drastically improve their lives without spending tons of money, giving up their free will, or losing their healthy dose of skepticism.

I lead people forward to meet their greatest potential with an open heart.

I’m a Sagittarius, which means I have big energy, I’m not afraid to drop truth bombs, and I love adventure. My Pisces Moon straddling the 12th and 1st houses gives me a strong intuition and deep connection to the psychic realm, but also a unique ability to bring that deep understanding to light and use it to connect to others. I have a Capricorn stellium in the 12th house, which means a big theme of my life is digging into my own inner truth and using what I learn to lead others to their own personal discoveries.

6+ years of intense astrology + human design study

10+ years of leading movement therapy + mindfulness workshops for people of all ages and abilities focused on finding strength and power in life

29+ years of BIG, FAT, JUICY passion for revealing big “aha moments” for people that push them towards their fullest, most badass selves.

When I’m not teaching people how to harness their power through astrology and human design, I’m the artistic director of Ignite Collaborative, a contemporary dance company in Phoenix, AZ. I choreograph, perform, direct, and produce alongside my co-director… and now that we’re in a pandemic and off-stage for a while, I’ve stepped into dance film editor and director, too! I also run an in-school outreach program called Jubilee Mindfulness that combines mindfulness practices, creative arts therapies, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts to help students practice self-control, emotional regulation, and compassion. Jubilee provides customized workshops for students in detention working on emotional/behavioral regulation and students in special needs classrooms working on emotional identification and building social connections.