Om Malam Gataha Prachalati (Shit Happens Move On)

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About the speaker

Ashwin Mohan is a chain entrepreneur- his expertise is in eliminating all forms of stress and violence. He has been training in martial arts for 32 years and holds 6 back belts and teacher’s certifications in over 24 other martial arts. He is the only teacher in the world to have taught over 5.5 million students self defence. Ashwin began his first venture named Ace Sales Corporation at age 13 with 5 other boys. he would work after school and at 13 he stopped attending classes at school whenever he could help it to go learn about various businesses from small time entrepreneurs and shop owners. He was also exposed to the underworld and was witness to the organization of several extortion crimes. With all this information on power and management of it Ashwin was easily able to prevent rowdyism in his college at 18 and made it a safe place for girl students. “I’ve had a remarkable life by any standard. And a lot of remarks have been made about it, both kind and unkind. I’m proud of some things I’ve done and not so proud about some. Of course, the not so proud things I’ve done have taught me a lot too. However I can’t speak of them. Let’s just say I learned everything about fear that there is to know and I can help people out of fear easily now.” -Ashwin Mohan

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