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We are back! After a bit of a break in September, we are so excited to spend some time with you this month.

September’s explorations of perception and energy in the Spectrum (check out the blog!) got us right on track to explore a bit of our inner realities with the exciting topic of TRANSIT in October.

We are so excited to take some time to think about how we make space for new ideas and creative energy while staying in one place.

How do we see the details of life around us? We want to hear how you have done so in a time that has put us in this weird limbo space of reflection and renewal. It’s been about learning to generate the new without requiring physical movement to do so.

We are delighted to have co-founder and managing director of Electric Book Works, Arthur Attwell, as our speaker this month. Arthur is an entrepreneur with books in his blood and thus has started a number of successful businesses with his wonderful niche for turning ordinary publications into engaging websites, ebooks, apps, and printed editions.

Arthur was one of the first Shuttleworth Foundation Fellows and has a wealth of knowledge about the publishing industry. He worked for multinational publishers, has presented and contributed to publishing resources worldwide. He even has a very cool podcast on how books get made!

However, closest to his heart, are the amazing organisations he has helped co-found over the years, including healthcare publisher Bettercare; children’s book publisher Book Dash; and Paperight, an award-winning experiment in distributed print-on-demand.

As Arthur describes it, these ventures took off because of a mix of incredible people, having insightful and passionate chats and ultimately collaborating to solve the real problems they were seeing around them in the industry. It takes that courage and belief to move from point A to B.

What makes your mind, heart and soul move while you are sitting still?

Hop onto the train, pick your carriage and let’s chat about being in TRANSIT.

P.S. There is a virtual Book Dash event being hosted this Saturday (17 October). Be sure to join in at this link: https://bookdash.org/events/book-dash-16/


This is a VIRTUAL event, happening online. Please scroll down to find more information on how to attend.

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