Anshulika Dubey

July 30, 9:30am - 11:00am IST. Hosted at antiSocial

part of a series on Love

About the speaker

Anshulika, an Ex-McKinsey analyst, discovered crowdfunding for creative artists while on a project at McKinsey. The concept fascinated her so much that she ditched a US job opportunity and started India’s first crowdfunding platform for creative artists with her co-founder and ex-McKinsey consultant Priyanka Agarwal, in 2012. Since then, her company has helped over 300 creative art projects raise over a million dollars from people all over the world. Wishberry has enabled Indian artists to create a community of patrons around their ideas, who financially can help sustain their creative ambitions. Many Wishberry-crowdfunded independent films, comics and graphic novels, music albums, and even technology products have gone on to receive national and international accolades and recognition. She doggedly believes that crowdfunding is a lifeline for creative artists in India.

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