WARNING: rad tattoos, bartering and influences

About the speaker

Anna Dunnill wants to tattoo someone at CreativeMornings Perth at this event. We said “no” - but don’t cry, we have plans for ink of a different nature.

Anna Dunnill is an artist and writer working in Perth, Western Australia. Her practice generally investigates the nature of language and communication, with forms including drawing, collage, text, installation, zines and textiles. Her first solo exhibition was Notes Toward a Universal Language, held at Paper Mountain in July 2013. She may have ink running through her veins.

In addition to a solo art practice, Anna is involved with two artist-run initiatives, writes critical articles and catalogue essays, and has published several short stories and poems.

You can contact her via annadunnill [at] gmail [dot] com, or follow her on twitter. She also has a research blog which she is trying super hard to maintain.

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