Ang Black

Hosted at Studio Elevn

part of a series on Death

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Ang Black is an author, screenwriter, psychic and medium. She approaches both of her passions and crafts, writing and mediumship, from a place of joy and determination. Her focus is on moving others toward a new way of thinking and seeing, toward healing, and toward their best self. Ang believes that writers are the bridge between what is and what could be, and that writing is the conduit most likely to affect lasting change in our world.

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Death has inspired humanity since time immemorial, influencing ideologies and storytelling to our understanding of life and how we live it.

To our ancient ancestors, the fear of death was a palpable and daily motivator. Although our world is infinitely safer than it was centuries ago, we are still driven by the fear of death and we expertly attribute it to even the smallest events: traffic, deadlines, a mistake, public speaking, your boss’s name on your caller ID on a Saturday.

What we have done well as a species is leverage the fear of death to inspire achievements that seemed impossible, to create work that needed to be made, and to discover insights that help us live well.

This month’s global exploration of Death was chosen by our Miami chapter and illustrated by 2016 Adobe Creative Resident Syd Weiler. Thank you to our global partners — Adobe, MailChimp,, and Shutterstock — for their support.

Join us this Friday, 11/17 at 9am at Studio Elevn to see Ang Black speak on this fascinating topic.