Filmmaker and photographer Andrew Zuckerman gives a talk that is nothing short of powerful.

At one of the earliest CreativeMornings/NewYork events, we were thrilled to have the amazingly inspiring Andrew Zuckerman as our speaker. During his talk, you could literally hear jaws drop in the audience and we have never gotten as many emails right after the event saying that they left with such a desire to go home and ‘create something’.

Andrew is an American filmmaker and photographer, best known for creating hyper-real images set against stark white backgrounds. His subjects have included birds, endangered species of animals, politicians, humanitarians, artists, and entertainers.

About the speaker

Andrew Zuckerman is a New York City based Photographer and Film Director with a truly inspiring body of work. You might be familiar with his fantastic books: CREATURE, a portrait series of animals, was released worldwide in November 2007 to critical acclaim and is now in its fourth printing. WISDOM, a book, film, and traveling exhibition released in October 2008, is an ongoing project made with the support of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Andrew traveled the globe to photograph and interview the world’s most eminent elders, from Judi Dench to Nelson Mandela, creating a comprehensive account of their perspectives on life. His latest book, BIRD, is a visual study of birds from the rarest to the most common and will be available in October 2009. In 2006 Andrew co-founded Late Night and Weekends, a company that produces advertising, films, books, and online content.

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