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Broken things are omnipresent, but often discrete. Part of our daily life and surroundings, they remain conveniently hidden until we actually need them to work. The “brokenness” shines through only when need arises and we realize what we don’t have and desperately wish for. Finding your bike among thousands in the parking lot is never an issue, until you’re in a rush. The little annoyance of catching the red light always on the way to work is not terrible, until it starts happening daily. Living away from those dear to you becomes an aching spot especially in moments worth sharing.

In front of these nagging issues, there are people who embrace the wabi-sabi of life, finding beauty in imperfections and there are the problem solvers.

For the next talk on BROKEN, we have invited Andrew Spitz, an interaction designer and creative thinker. He is the founder of FROLIC studio, a product design and development design studio in Amsterdam. Before starting FROLIC, he co-founded and was the creative director of Flying, an iPhone app for frequent flyers. In his early days, he focused on sound design and worked on feature films, commercials and documentaries. He also worked on interactive installations and software, migrating slowly from sound design towards product driven projects.

But beyond anything else, Andrew is a problem solver. Among many out-of-the-box projects, he and his partner Ruben collect everyday annoyances and regularly take breaks in between projects, to work on finding innovative solutions for them. They visualize problems and create ingenious gadgets that are not only efficient, but also fun and meaningful for the people who use them.

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