Creating sustainibility and access to food in an urban environment

About the speaker

Andrew Douglas is the creator of URBAN FARM, founded to research and demonstrate alternative DIY food growing methods for localised food security.

Andrew designs and builds Urban Agri-Cultural Projects for local communities, businesses and educational institutes for the purpose of healthy food production, neighborhood revitalization and community engagement. URBAN FARM’s ventures are a perfect example of delivering on the triple bottom line, financially, environmentally & socially

Andrew’s active curiosity in all things growing has lead him to many unusual methods of alternative food production, from his Mushroom City Project, which investigates oyster mushroom cultivation on re-cycled coffee waste to his AQUAlab creation, an aquaponic system integrating fish farming and salad green production utilising open source technologies with tweeting fish and plants,

During 2013, five stories above the busy streets of Dublin’s inner city on over 400msq of flat rooftop Andrew and the Urban Farm team built Europe’s first fully up-cycled rooftop farm installation. All materials used where salvaged from the cities waste stream, de-constructed & up-cycled on site for the growing of healthy localised food and to provide in-house composting facilities for the building.

Andrew hopes that through cultivating a network of urban farmers and creating alternative DIY food projects there will be social changes that will improve the livelihood and livability of our city spaces.

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