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At first glance, one can assume that design management focuses on teaching managers how to design or rather teaching designers how to manage. But the discipline of design management goes far beyond the simple combination of these two subjects. The subject under discussion is the acknowledgement of design as a method. This happens because to be a designer is a way of life, questioning every detail in a premise of never-ending insatisfaction. Unlike managers, who focus on aswering the question, the designers, whenever possible, question the question itself, not because they are stubborn but because they are persistent in believing they can do more and better.

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Ana Bárbara Vieira de Sousa is both a designer and a design manager. Currently living in Berlin, she is translating her thesis on design management from portuguese to english. The blog blablaba.net serves to share the knowledge she collected on the subject. In the field of design management she sees many reasons for being optimistic, for it draws attention to the holistic side of the discipline and it can be the bridge between technological and non technological innovation, all together with a meaningful attitude.

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