Founder of The Craft Crowd - a weekly workshop that teaches you all things craftsy.

Alina is the founder of The Craft Crowd - a weekly workshop that teaches you all things craftsy from handmade candles to exotic portrait paintings. The Craft Crowd grew from a new establishment into a vibrant community in just a few months. Alina will be sharing her story, inspiring us to overcome moments when we feel broken and using these moments to grow as an artist.

About the speaker

Although Alina graduated with a Certificate in Interior Design, her main profession is Project Engineer. Before starting TheCraftCrowd she coordinated engineering projects in Russian, British, American and Malaysian companies. She has also worked as an Event Manager in Shanghai and Hanoi on a part-time passion basis. And yet, throughout all that time, her passion for art and crafts remained strong and begged for expression.

Over a year ago she started The Craft Crowd - weekly creative workshops for anyone and everyone. She works a lot to keep herself up to date with DIY trends and invites the top of the top to guide her students through the creative realm. Whatever your creative spirit yearns for, TheCraftCrowd is sure to have a workshop to satisfy!

Alina lives by the motto ‘There is no such thing as too much knowledge’, regularly attending workshops in different parts of the world. She is really looking forward to sharing her experience with CreativeMornings.

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