Taking your chances in life. Chance = the possibility of something happening.

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Designer & Photographer at Designed for Life/Alex Lloyd Jenkins Photography.

Taking your chances in life. Chance = the possibility of something happening.

Alex will be talking to us about the power of Chance and how it’s lead him to meet some truly amazing people and work on some really exciting projects including designing the covers for three no 1 singles and two number 1 albums and having a cover design in the 100 best album covers of all time book by Storm Thorgerson and Q Magazines 100 best album covers!

Alex has worked in the music industry and in large branding agencies in London for 10 years, freelanced, collaborated and taught Graphic Design & Advertising Design as well as being an advocate of quality teaching and learning in physical education and physical literacy for children.

Come along next Friday to remind yourself how powerful chance can be and to enjoy a couple of treats we have in store for our lovely attendees!

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The one person Alex doesn't give enough credit to in this is himself. the section about how he loves to teach and believes that you should give up your time and teach others definitely comes from the heart.

In my second year of uni, on the first day I walked in to class to 'hand in my notice'. I told my lecturers that I was out and the course just wasn't for me. Before walking out the door they told me about a new lecturer who was starting and that I should meet him first because my 'fuck advertising, I want to work in the music industry' attitude would be a perfect match with Alex. We talked for over an hour that day, and two year later I finished top of the class and have gone on to have a job that I love (albeit in advertising).

By CHANCE, that impatient kid wanted to leave on the same day that Alex came along, and his guidance and input over my final two years has been the foundation and shaping of my career so far. Everything to this point is owed to Alex's commitment and continual guidance even after finishing uni - I still email him and skype him when shit's about to hit the fan... He just teaches me to move the fan further away so you've got more time to figure it out.

Ryan Waring