My magic power is me and your magic power is you!

Your magic power is you.

For this month’s CM talk on Magic, we enlisted local motion graphic wizard Alex Gee: motion director at Breeder, abstract dreamer, and avid lover of Drake.

Alex and his team work with big brand clients on the day-to-day to deliver on massive briefs. For a boutique agency, Breeders’ portfolio is seriously impressive. How do they do it? Magic.

His team pull concepts out of thin air and turn them into capturing visual pieces - like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. They use their magic powers of talent and experience to come up with some seriously bad ideas. Then, they start taking risks. And out of their bad ideas, great ones begin to fertilize.

Because for Alex, scheduled brainstorming is bullshit. It isn’t where the magic happens. After all, three bad ideas are better than one good idea. And the only way to arrive at that one good idea is to embrace your superpower – you.

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