Alex Anderson/CHAOS/September 14th

September 14, 8:30am - 10:00am CDT. Hosted at NUU

part of a series on Chaos

About the speaker

Alex is the Senior Strategist at NUU, a design and brand experience group based in Houston and Mexico. Most days, he’s working really, really hard to do stuff that matters—for the people who need it most. Over the course of his career, he’s had a chance to work (all over the world) with dozens of brands and nonprofits, including Obama’s White House, The CW Network, the Houston Texans, Civic Nation, the Association of Related Churches (ARC), As Our Own, and others. He’s the founder of Good Measure, an event-based initiative launching creative projects for local impact. Connecting teams of volunteer creatives with nonprofits, Good Measure’s teams revitalize the future for cause-based organizations through branding, design, videography, and web development in 72 hours or less.

NUU Group starts each day with the same challenges: Be bold. Stay fluid. Have fun. Give a shit. Embrace diversity. Express yourself. Think. Ask questions. Huddle together. Do meaningful work. Explore new things. And maybe you’ll see yourself in there somewhere. The team is working to fight for meaningful change on all fronts—with local, global, and personal ambition.

Additional details

When you think of chaos, you might think of utter confusion, a jumbled mess, destruction, or Slack being down.

But previously the word “chaos” had a different meaning. In ancient Greece, writers and thinkers described chaos as more of an abyss, an empty void that existed before life. It wasn’t until the 1600s, when it was adopted by the English language, that it grew undertones of mass confusion or pain.

Life, by nature, is chaotic. And the human brain is beautifully designed to turn chaos into order. Whether through storytelling, art, or through the veneer of self-delusions, we’re built to handle the randomness and uncertainty of daily life.

When a tornado rips through town, one person may see chaos where another sees a fresh start.

So, then, a creative addendum: We are in control of the story we tell ourselves about the events that unfold before us. We can view chaos as a freight train hitting our soul or we can see it as a catalyst for clarity.

This month’s global exploration of Chaos was chosen by our Tijuana chapter and illustrated by ERABOY. September’s CHAOS is presented globally by MailChimp.