The power of interpretation

How Revolution in the cultural retail world is about interpretation. Our role as designers and curators is to take the artists story and interpret it in a new way that creates closer bonds between the artist, the cultural institutions that represent them, and ultimately, the consumer.

About the speaker

Abigail Crompton is a thinker of things. She is the Founding Director and Philosopher of Third Drawer Down. Since 2003 Third Drawer Down has taken big steps in many directions. Some know us as a store that sells all sorts of eccentric or hard to find objects. Others know us as a wholesaler and design studio that produce artist-licensed objects and bespoke ranges for cultural institutions. Our focus is on the very essence of collaboration and the challenges posed by cultural retailing. Everything that comes out of Third Drawer Down bears the hallmarks of artistic integrity and functionality.

Our studio has collaborated with over 150 contemporary artists to create licensed objects for everyday use. Some of our collaborations thus far, include Louise Bourgeois, Ai Weiwei and David Shrigley. Our extensive range of licensed objects are available in leading design and museum stores around the world. By 2006, the studio began making bespoke products for such prestigious institutions as the Tate, MoMA and Whitney.

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