In our urbanism era, Aaron talks about the need for authentic stories in order to create vibrant communities.

About the speaker

Aaron is a city planner, place maker and passionate pursuer of vibrant community. His work has focused on crafting strategies for establishing thriving communities for a broad range of clients including governments, neighborhoods, businesses, churches and non-profits. He is a graduate of the Georgia Tech City Planning masters program and an avid writer and speaker on the topic of community. Aaron leads community planning and design initiatives for Atlanta-based Orchestrate, an experience-design and production firm, and is the principal and co-founder of Market + Main, an Atlanta-based City Planning firm.

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Great cities also cast a compelling vision of the future. We don't just get stuck in the past; we preserve that and cherish it. Great cities are telling stories of hope in the future. — Aaron Fortner

Don't you love that when you're in a city? When you can read the old and the new all together in the same area in the same street. That's context. That's the story of the city playing out right in front of you. . . . We gotta hold onto the old. — Aaron Fortner

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