Aisha Fukushima, a singer, speaker, educator, and ‘RAPtivist,’ on how pursuing your love work is the most ideal work — for you and your community.

“It’s not about what you stand against, but what you stand for.”

Aisha Fukushima, a singer, speaker, educator, and activist, strongly believes that love work is the most ideal work. For her, it appears at the nexus of happiness and purpose, and is manifested by her work in RAPtivism, a global hip hop project spanning 10 countries and four continents. It highlights the ways culture can contribute to universal efforts for social justice by challenging oppression with creative expression. During her talk at CreativeMornings/Oakland in November 2015, Aisha uses her journey of becoming a RAPtivist as a backdrop to inspire us to critically question the world around us, seek meaningful connections with each other, and use the arts as a catalyst for social change. She empowers us to seek out our sense of purpose, but reminds us to also remain a listener with your ears, your eyes, and your spirit. What does your love work look like?

Watch the talk.

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