I started out as a professional dancer - The Dance Captain of The Lion King for 10 years. Once I decided I wanted to live out my years with my body intact, I got my MBA and went on the hunt for new experiences. I took a turn in agency recruitment but landed happily at a hyper-growth Music Technology hardware start-up. I spent nearly 3 years building the business operations for the start-up and working closely to develop the team from 40 to 130 by the time I left. I developed & implemented everything from Travel management & HR policies to Company databases and an ERP. Simply put, I love to build the guts of a company that sustain and scale.

Gaining the inside information about people and teams to create worthwhile resolutions that define the efficacy of business operations and protocols. First-hand experience building a hyper-growth start-up and managing the unexpected in dynamic time frames.

Continuing to learn how to surgically use my self confidence to empower people as opposed to sometimes intimidating them.

There are no problems in this life. Problems have solutions and if you don't have a solution you don't have a problem - My Father.

I know this sounds cliché, but my father. My father had a knack with people, he was always in tune to what they needed and did what he could to make that happen for them. It didn't matter who you were he always had time for you, so much so that the turn out at his funeral was much bigger than anticipated and the entire chapel yard and street were filled with people and made a lot of people late to wherever they were doing due to the traffic caused. He taught me the beauty of logic and I find myself always referring to one of his sayings, he always had wise word sayings that always gave you a great approach to life and situations such as, “I find I don't learn a lot while I am talking” and the best advice I've ever received noted above.

1] Devising all the escape routes within 10 seconds of seeing the immediate lay of the land. And 2] Knowing the movie or series episode after hearing a couple words without seeing the screen.

I'm currently living my backup career but the next backup is owning my own production company and producing music, fashion and dance festivals throughout the Caribbean and a startup incubator for the Caribbean region.

My Trinidad home phone number; the lyrics to Lauryn Hills' "Doo Wop"; how to make the best stew chicken and credit/debit card numbers [shopping habits!]

The ideal skeletal alignment for sitting and standing at your desk or a general physical warm up and stretch to do at work.

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