Innovation is a behavior, not a buzzword. In today's knowledge economy, innovation then is the new currency and it takes a great team to consistently deliver it. But building great teams can be incredibly difficult… until now.

Dr. Lindsay M. Sutton is the CEO of Hidden Innovators, a research-based consulting practice that built a collection of empirically-validated tools, human-centered techniques, and empathic processes to empower organizations to create meaningful innovations in partnership with their employees. By combining decades of experience in team building, behavioral psychology, and outcomes research, we’ve created a full-cycle team building and innovation development program that identifies and coordinates the right people, creates a foundational mental model, builds trust, coaches proven processes, and supports a true culture of innovation. In short, we call it the science of social creativity.

After a quick proprietary assessment to help better understand a person’s unique creative style, the HI group can then assist organizations in knowing and supporting teams more effectively in areas like creative problem-solving, communication, personal development, professional collaboration, and leadership. When you believe that we are all creative and we are social creatures, we can become intentional about creating the conditions that make innovation predictable and repeatable. Hidden Innovators was designed and developed to do just that.

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