I'm Sharlotte Bouniol, 27 years old and live in Fort Worth, Texas.

In May of 2015 I was fired from my $30,000 a year job as CMO of a financial firm because of a DWI I got (of which my blood alcohol level came back under the legal limit 🙄)....So with no job , $25k in debt , and bills to pay; I started my own business. I was at my rock bottom, the lowest I had ever been in my life, but oddly enough this led to optimism and my mindset was, " I can only go up from here, and I'm definitely not staying down here...so lets go!" I also wanted to prove everyone wrong; prove that I wasn't a failure, but rather that I was strong, intelligent, flexible, innovative, creative, and a problem solver. This venture HAD to work- I didn't have any other option in terms of financial help. I took that risk because I believed in my ability to make this happen. I had no doubt in my mind that this was going to work.

My business is GB Graphix (previously Girlboss Graphix until filing for my trademark and then getting a cease and desist letter from Sophia Amuroso. Additionally she managed to get my IG and Fb like page shut down with ZERO warning - just one day, gone! Accounts of which I had built to thousands of followers... but that story is for another time)

I build brands for entrepreneurs. From logo design to social media graphics to marketing materials- whatever my clients need designed- I do it. I have an extensive background in marketing so I also have been called the Branding Boss within my niche. I consult with each of my clients to help them position themselves appropriately to capture the attention of their target audience. They tell me their story and then I help them tell it well.

In 10 months I managed to bring in six figures and as of now (about 2 years in) I've grown my client base to 350 clients and did $124,000 in sales in 2016. Oh! And obviously I've paid off the debt! ;)

I've managed to do all of this with just my MacBook Pro and iPhone from all over the world. My husband is a professional golfer on the European tour and my business has made it so I can travel with him. We travel globally on a monthly basis... his tournaments are in a different country every week- so there is lots of travel on the agenda :). Some of my favorite trips from This past year have been Dubai, Mauritius, Puerto Rico, Paris (but my husband is French so I don't usually count France but still who doesn't love Paris?! It never gets old) Ireland, and Spain.

lots of things. ;) but my expertise is specifically in Branding and Marketing for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nationwide corporations.

time management, procrastination

Attitude. Our attitude affects everything. When something unfortunate happens, that actual event only accounts for 10% of the energy within the situation or circumstances. The other 90% stems from YOUR own personal reaction or response. Be humble, be kind, work hard...harder than anyone else. If you want to have a million dollar business then work just as hard if not harder than those million dollar business owners.

my dad. his work ethic, loyalty, reliability, leadership skills, humility, and dedication.

My ability to think up new and innovative ideas, bring them to life, then convince others to jump on board.

I believe fully in what I am currently doing and if comes to a point where I need to transition into something different, it will be a decision that I make according to my passion, my purpose, and my overall existence. My backup is to just believe that the universe has my back. As long as I continue helping others then I will receive exactly what I need to survive in life and even thrive.


I would teach them a simple method for pre creating their marketing content for social media that is geared toward the audiences they are looking to attract.

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