I am a musician, avid record collector and creative artist that has been creating and playing music for over 30 years. Jesus Cmplxx is my alter-ego - a persona under which I create. I am also the co-founder of an experience called Pause+Expand, which harnesses the power of sound healing and guided meditation, to bring you closer to knowing yourself and the world around you. I am passionate about the use of personal creativity and mindful thought to better oneself.

Finance, Real Estate, Music, Records, DJ'ing, Sound Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness

“When we pause thought, we open to the possibility of expanding our ideas beyond what we imagined possible.”

This week?....Joaquin Phoenix. He's great at his art and just doesn't seem to give a f--k.

Turning 50 cents into a Dollar

Never had a backup. Might prevent me from going all in.

Breathe Dream Exhale...

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