Hello! I'm a newbie here who feels like she's starting a whole new chapter after a couple of months in self-realization that life is so much more than superficial goals she's set for herself. Currently, I'm in a state of mind of being comfortable in uncertainties and opening my eyes to possibilities. My goal is here to learn, laugh, share, and live. Thanks!

culture and food! I really do believe food is an amazing representation of a culture so I spend a lot of time learning about this! And technical product development! I've been in this field for over 8 years working from an analyst to a manager position. I do enjoy my work a lot so I'm ready to chat about it!

My ability to open you up. Over the years, I've surprised myself at the number of people who meet me for the first time and shared so much of their vulnerabilities with me. I'm here to listen, provide comfort, and love as necessary! What an honor!

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