A graphic designer with nearly 15 years of diverse commercial experience across a wide range of different media and design disciplines (and continents). From big branding projects for huge multi-national corporations through to complex app user experience design for exciting tech start-ups – I've acquired lots of knowledge and skill but still regularly feel like I'm blagging it! The constant need to keep learning is what keeps things interesting. I've been 'location independent' for the last 7 years and have used that to see some of the world. That's also helped in keeping life interesting. Currently in Australia until May 2017.

Working remotely on the move as a graphic designer

Building my creative business and side projects up beyond just freelance work

Don't die wondering

Beat matching and scratching vinyl records

I have no plan B

Football results from the 1990s

If it was a designer still using Photoshop for UI stuff, Sketch. It's changed my life and literally takes 5 mins to get your head around if you're a UI designer and know Adobe's programmes. If that wasn't relevant, I'd teach them how to count in Cantonese (something I've recently learned).

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