I'm a creative facilitator and partner at the 130+ employee strong Stendahls digital agency in Gothenburg, Sweden.

As a facilitator I work with managing change processes and coach individuals and teams with the goal of creating strong creative teams, both within my own organisation and for clients. In my work I focus on conveying the need to embrace change, curiosity and collaboration in a world that becomes ever more complex and fast-paced by the day.

On my spare time I chase pro cyclists with my camera sitting on the back of a photomotobike.

Weird stuff like how old synthesizers work (but can't play them) and Eddie Izzard quotes (who can live without Eddie Izzard quotes?!).

Making the world a kinder place

Listen more than you talk

Bamse, the world's strongest bear. He was my childhood hero. He taught me to be nice to the nice. But to stand up for myself when being bullied. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bamse]

My curiosity


The power of talking less and listening more