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Toowoomba-raised singer and musician Raquelle Pedler is the founder of Highlands Music Academy (formerly Re:sound Music Studio), which she started to fill a fast-growing market for contemporary music tuition.

One of Toowoomba’s biggest music advocates, Raquelle is passionate about coaching emerging artists and creating opportunities in the local music scene. Many will already be familiar with Raquelle’s incredible voice from weddings, events and local venues, or from her service to the community through Highlands Church.


Amy Willis educates stressed out business owners on simple structures and processes that give them clarity and, ultimately, a better work-life blend.

She loves helping people find where their strengths lie. This woman is an absolute machine – in all the best ways. A self-employed management consultant, a mother of three boys, and a boundless source of energy and inspiration to those around her, she’s the sort of woman to offer a shoulder when it’s needed and a kick up the butt when it’s called for. 

Basically, the friend we all need.


Benjamin Tupas is a digital storyteller and multidisciplinary artist. Working in the areas of video, photography and graphic design, he is passionate about telling human stories with a strong sense of place.

In 2016, Benjamin co-founded Story Artist Run Collective (storyARC) an artist-run initiative for digital storytellers with theatre artist Sarah Peters. Benjamin is also director of LIT Festival: Stories in Light, a biennial two-day night festival that shares local stories through site-specific light projection and light sculptures.

His work has been seen and heard in The Guardian, Australian Audio Guide and FBI Radio’s All The Best. Previously, Benjamin worked as a digital producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s innovative regional storytelling project ABC Open.

Hello! I’m Phoebe Tully, the host of this newest CreativeMornings chapter.

Local videographer Jade Courtney and I made this video as part of our application to start a CreativeMornings chapter. We are so excited to be welcomed as Australia’s fifth CreativeMornings event (after Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane). Well done Toowoomba!

The Vision

CreativeMornings/Toowoomba was born out of a great love for this city of ours.

You’ll have noticed this too recently – people who used to move away (and stay away) are now moving back for the quality of life, which they’re playing an active role in creating. It’s so awesome to see.

We thought that the next step in this progress was to create a space that acts as a melting pot of influences, where ideas can brew, and we can question the status quo.

We firmly believe that everyone is creative, and that a creative life requires bravery and action, honesty and hard work. Anyone can be these things. Even accountants.

CreativeMornings/Toowoomba is a space for everyone at all stages of their lives and careers.

We can’t wait to welcome you.

The Team

Every CreativeMornings event is totally free to attend and is completely run by volunteers. Make sure you you click on ‘Toowoomba Team’ at the right of your screen to learn more about who is involved. They’re pretty awesome. Make sure you say hi.

We’re going to be always seeking volunteers to join our community, including:

  • Photographers to capture the events
  • Designers to create killer graphics for us
  • Morning People to make our community welcome

Make sure you reach out if you’re keen!

The Host

I moved back to Toowoomba a couple of years ago after spending 5-6 years living in Australia’s bigger cities. A year into moving here, I launched The Field Guide, a hub of information for Toowoomba locals. The vision of The Field Guide is simple: a rising tide lifts all boats. By launching a platform that celebrates and showcases the incredible things Toowoomba has to offer, I truly believe that we can all play a part in creating the city we want to live in.

While living in Brisbane, I became the Head of Operations for TEDxBrisbane. This is where I learned to run events and build communities. While a very different scale – TEDx is a full-day annual conference for 700+ people – CreativeMornings/Toowoomba will have much of this ethos of showcasing local talent with an idea to share.

How to participate

Want to be kept in the loop when we launch our first event? Make sure you sign up at the top of this page.

As a free event run by volunteers, we will rely entirely on the generosity of sponsorship. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please email Phoebe at toowoomba@creativemornings.com

And if you’re interested in joining the team, please get in touch with some information about yourself.

Stay tuned for details of our first event, which will be up and running very soon! And don’t forget to come and say hello.

We can’t wait to meet you.