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Anna Bartlett has always considered herself to be an artist. Even when she was studying Business at university, or working as an Army Officer, she knew. Fast forward 20 years, four children and a LOT of ideas, projects and jobs, she’s exactly where she should be.

Through her online paint-along classes, original art, books and in-person events she helps people discover the joy of painting. And when she’s not sketching or having idea attacks about new classes, you will find her in the kitchen with her kids, walking the studio dog or procrastinating about tidying up the garage (but usually sketching!).


Steve Claydon has been doing his own thing for the past six years across a variety of business ventures. Most of his time is spent speaking with large companies and creative thinkers across Australia and New Zealand, helping them to strategically and purposefully grow their business numbers. He actually cares very little for business numbers, and thinks of them as more of a scoreboard reflecting something vastly more meaningful.

And that’s what he wants to talk to you about at CM/TWB.


Emma Mactaggart is an award-winning author, speaker and publisher. If she isn’t consuming books herself, she’s creating them.

Emma has been teaching the craft of writing and illustrating to children and adults since 2005 via her Child Writes program and the registered charity, The Child Writes Fund. Her publishing business (a small press with a big purpose!) Boogie Books is the largest publisher on Amazon of children’s picture books written by children for children.

Emma is a regular guest on ABC Southern Queensland Radio talking about books. She also the Founder of International Read to Me! Day, focused on the importance of reading regularly to children.


Toowoomba-raised singer and musician Raquelle Pedler is the founder of Highlands Music Academy (formerly Re:sound Music Studio), which she started to fill a fast-growing market for contemporary music tuition.

One of Toowoomba’s biggest music advocates, Raquelle is passionate about coaching emerging artists and creating opportunities in the local music scene. Many will already be familiar with Raquelle’s incredible voice from weddings, events and local venues, or from her service to the community through Highlands Church.


Amy Willis educates stressed out business owners on simple structures and processes that give them clarity and, ultimately, a better work-life blend.

She loves helping people find where their strengths lie. This woman is an absolute machine – in all the best ways. A self-employed management consultant, a mother of three boys, and a boundless source of energy and inspiration to those around her, she’s the sort of woman to offer a shoulder when it’s needed and a kick up the butt when it’s called for. 

Basically, the friend we all need.