Amy Willis educates stressed out business owners on simple structures and processes that give them clarity and, ultimately, a better work-life blend.

She loves helping people find where their strengths lie. This woman is an absolute machine – in all the best ways. A self-employed management consultant, a mother of three boys, and a boundless source of energy and inspiration to those around her, she's the sort of woman to offer a shoulder when it’s needed and a kick up the butt when it’s called for. Basically, the friend we all need.

handy hints and tips to make people's business and personal life a lot less emotional and a lot more logical.

being able to wash, fold and put away all clothes on the same day.

There is no growth in "Happily Ever After".

Honestly, I admire anyone and everyone who is willing to be true to themselves and be strong in their values.

When people talk to me I am able to decipher what they're really wanting to say.

I don't have a backup. Although I've always thought I'd make a good school teacher.

My credit card details.....

The circle of influence and circle of control.