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Location Spotlight: BLDG Nashville

If you haven’t been to BLDG (The Building) in 5 points you’re in for a great treat! We’re so excited to be hosted by these guys as they have a great space more of our community needs to know about.

Located in a 2000 sq ft. all-purpose art gallery, located in East Nashville’s historic Five Points, down the alley from Batter’d and Fried, Drifters, and Beyond the Edge; BLDG is home to regular events such as Open Road Mondays, Music City Improv, and The Musicians Swap Meet.

Come on out Friday morning & check out the space, maybe it’s the place to host your next art show or event? You can also find out more about BLDG through their site, twitter, instagram or youtube.

HIDDEN Giveaway Artist: Judson Collier


For our first event we asked Judson Collier to collaborate with Grand Palace Silkscreen for a free giveaway based on our global theme, HIDDEN. Here are a few things to know about Judson:

What is it about type and lettering that draws you to it?
What I love about lettering is that the possibilities are limitless! When I’m looking for a font, i’m trying to fit an idea in my head in to something that’s already been made by a type foundry. When I’m lettering, the only obstacle is my ability to materialize the ideas that are in my head— which, admittedly, is still not something that I’m good at yet. But I’m learning!

How has your process changed since you started in design?
When I started lettering, I learned that my first was never my best. I bought tracing paper, would do a round of lettering, and use a pen to point out the issues I wanted to fix next time around. Then I would start all over again. Believe it or not, there was a time where I believed that my first was always my best (Ah! The ignorance of my youth!)— so this discovery was very important to my design work.

Now I iterate on everything. Usually, most of my projects in Illustrator have at least 5-10 versions of them, with small and big changes between them. Iterating also gives you the opportunity to try things that might seem like they won’t work, in your head, but turn out great!

What’s your dream project?
Oof, such a big question!
Maybe not much of a project as much as a gig, but it’s been my dream for years to work for Louise Fili someday! She rarely takes on new employees, but she does incredible incredible work, and her books are filled with beautiful inspiration.

What’s happening in the Nashville design scene right now?
It’s not totally design related, but from a creative perspective, I’m absolutely psyched for WELD Nashville to open. Weld is a collaborative workspace opening here in Nashville— I’m excited to put my coffee shop living days behind me and settle in an office for while.

What was your introduction to Creative Mornings? What are your thoughts?
I knew of Creative Mornings through Swiss-Miss a few years back, and I am so excited it’s here in Nashville! I feel like (particularly in the freelance world), I get so caught up in the work I’m doing, that I forget that creative community is so important for us individually, and as a city.

Keep on Keepin’ on, CM: Nash!

Besides coffee shops, Judson can be found on TwitterInstagram or his website.

Think you’d like to be the next giveaway artist? We love to see what folks in our community are making! Contact us & let’s make fun things happen together!

Thanks to our Sponsor: Grand Palace Silkscreen


To the men behind the squeegee, we salute you! Grand Palace is conveniently located inside Fort Houston, the location of this months event. What does this mean for you??

Guess you’ll have to come to the event and find out! 

Grand Palace is a screen printing company in Nashville, TN focusing on hand-printed merchandise and memorabilia, primarily t-shirts and posters.

Want to know more about this local company?

Q: Favorite album to listen to while working:

Drew: Kvelertak, Meir (the gettin sh*t done record) & Beck, Sea Changes (on the wind down train.) Not an album, but I love podcasts & Adventures In Design is one we really enjoy around the shop.

Bingham: Kvelertak, Meir is also one of my favorites so is Dinosaur Jr., You’re living all over Me.

Q:  What’s your favorite type of project to work on: 

Bingham:  Challenging oddball projects like metal signs, bass drum heads and electronics control panels.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work:

Drew: I enjoy playing bass guitar with my band The Ascent of Everest. I like to cook, draw, and spend time with my dog, Wren.

Bingham: I love playing bass guitar with my band Glossary and with Jasmin Kaset.  I like to frame prints for friends, fix and ride bikes, cook and work in the yard.

Q: Best part of your job?

Drew: Having the liberty to try anything we haven’t done before, just because we can. For instance, I was asked to design a t-shirt for Apache Relay & there was no other way to see their idea come to fruition without it being a CMYK process print, which we had never done before. In the end it turned out better than any of us could of hoped and we plan to print more with this process. Check out the design on Drew’s Instagram

Bingham: Making people happy.

Q: Answer to this month’s icebreaker tag: “I’m tired of hiding the fact that I…”

Drew: want to believe the x-files wasn’t just a show

Bingham:  I have nothing to hide.

Q: What would you speak about at CreativeMornings if the opportunity comes your way?

Drew: How to do your own damn color separations so I don’t have to - halfway kidding…

Bingham: I’d talk about all the awesome stuff that my friends do.

Be sure to find the guys from Grand Palace at future CreativeMornings events and tell them you’d like to know more about the local special! More info about GP printing can be found on their site, including price breakdowns and other local companies they love working with.

Thanks to our Sponsor: Frothy Monkey


It’s hard to express our love for coffee but we can easily proclaim our love for Nashville coffee shops! Frothy Monkey is of no exception and has definitely been a place of caffeinated refuge during our Nashville_CM meetings this past month.

Frothy Monkey is a neighborhood restaurant & cafe offering a diverse menu including breakfast, lunch & dinner. In addition, they pride themselves on the service of outstanding coffee, espresso drinks, & house-made teas & beverages.

We’re so thankful to have Frothy Monkey pouring the hot coffee love for everyone Friday morning! Did you know they’re opening a fourth location soon? I suppose we’ll all be checking their website & twitter for a party announcement!

Image above courtesy of Frothy Monkey’s instagram.

Thanks to our Sponsor: Proof


We want to give a BIG Thank You to this month’s sponsor, Proof Branding. Before our first event was even planned Proof put their name down as Nashville_CM's first sponsor and we're so thankful to have their support! Without our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to host you all each month and we are truly grateful for everyone's excitement within our creative community.

As a full service branding and design shop, Proof believes every brand has a compelling story to tell, partnering with businesses, organizations, and individuals in crafting brands that are memorable, exciting, and intentional. 

Proof also has a wonderful company blog that we believe speaks to the audience of CreativeMornings. Do yourself a favor and check out a few posts. May we recommend Tomorrow Brings The Potential To Do Something Great & The Fear of Average.

Thank you Proof for helping make our first event possible!!

See you Friday morning!

Location Spotlight: Fort Houston

Have you ever felt creative energy as you’ve walked into a room? That’s exactly how it feels inside Fort Houston. Makers of all kinds spread throughout the 10,000 sq ft space creating everything you can imagine. We fell in love with Fort Houston and what their team is working towards and knew it was the perfect location to introduce Nashville to CreativeMornings.

Fort Houston is a place for you to facilitate, grow, learn and work. Occupying 10,000 square feet in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, complete with a full-scale wood shop, print shop, bike shop, photography studio and miscellaneous work and desk space. Here’s how it works: You pay a monthly membership fee, and you get to make things in here. Oh, and taking a class or two can be fun, too, but you don’t have to be a member to do that!

Be sure to check out all the projects going on at Fort Houston through their twitterinstagram & website. Fort Houston will also be open to the public April 5th from 6-9pm for the Wedgewood Houston Art Crawl!

We’re so excited to announce Nashville as a new chapter in the CreativeMornings family!

This month’s global theme is HIDDEN and we are ready to go - right after this next cup of coffee!

Thousands of creative professionals attend CreativeMornings events around the globe every month and we’d like to invite you to be the first to join our community.

Visit us at CreativeMornings/Nashville & we hope to see you at our inaugural event  next Friday at Fort Houston!

Video courtesy of Rob Beckham