Freelancer working with comedy labels, local eateries, and comics to bring more art to the world.

Animals, films, and psychology

Confidence in my timelines and work. That comes with experience I've been told.

I had a manager that told me that beating myself up about a mistake did no one any good. To keep moving forward and learn from it.

My former manager, Stephanie. I owe it to her for all my growth as a person and designer. She taught me not to sweat the small stuff and to focus on the big picture before honing in on the details. She's a do-er and she groomed me to be the same. Details matter, but you wont get anything done if you never finish.

Organizational skills and from what a consultant told me, promptness. You ask me to call you at 2pm, your phone will be ringing at 02:00:00.

Wildlife photographer, documentarian, solo animation filmmaker.

I guess to breathe. That's pretty important.

How to make a mourning dove call with your hands.

Am I supposed to just talk about this and not be able to show you?! It's the one of Tupac dancing up to the camera all excited of course!