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March 7, 9:00am • Conclave Arteri • part of a series on Invest

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Still in the spirit of July’s theme Collaborate, we asked our volunteers: what is your favourite Collaboration?

Ramandra Yudistira "How awesome would it be to study in high-tech, advanced classrooms that uses collaborative technologies such as these"?

Chalafabia Haris "My favourite collaboration work is this web-series word association videos called One Word, which involves different individuals aged 5 to 50, made by Cut Video. It really catches my attention in term of seeing how age affects each mindset and their micro-expression. Definitely worth checking out!"

Rofianisa Nurdin "My favourite is the collaboration between Aan Mansyur (writer, poet) and EmTe (watercolor artist/illustrator). I love how both prose and painting speak in same ‘tone’"

"Another one is a collaboration between Yayi, the ex-vocalist of Bandung’s indie band Baby Eats Crackers, and Sigit, the guitarist of Tigapagi. They make covers of indie songs, adding touches of ethnic and folk technique, therefore changing the vibe of the original song and bringing it to the next level!"

July. Man oh man, what a month.

All through last month, most of us Indonesian Muslims were fasting due to Ramadhan, and it was followed by Idul Fitri holiday and celebration. Naturally, all of us were busier than usual, therefore had to push back our July session to August 7.

So, although it’s not July anymore, here at Creative Mornings Jakarta, we’re still on to Collaborate theme.

From Creative Mornings HQ:

We’re told that no man is an island. We’ve all had the opportunity to share great ideas, build exceptional things, and create something beautiful. Artistic collaborations throughout history have had their own way of propelling creativity, and often it’s the teamwork that leads to something remarkable. This month, 117 cities will be celebrating the theme of Collaborate.

This month’s theme was chosen by our Amsterdam chapter and the banner was photographed by the incredible Tory Williams.

For the upcoming session, CreativeMornings Jakarta proudly present Ridzki Noviansyah from The Photobook Club Jakarta.

Ridzki is a communication consultant and part-time writer, editor and photographer. He co-founded The Photobook Club Jakarta in 2013 as a platform of collaboration, discussion and sharing. Ridzki’s works has been published in various national media, and he’s also always involved in various photobook projects, shows, and festivals.

For CreativeMornings Jakarta, Ridzki will explain about photobooks and why collaboration matters.

Photograph is a tangible item. It’s something you can look and hold in your hand. Pixels and negative is merely an incomplete form of photograph.

Photographs are usually can be either shown on walls. However, you can also print them in smaller form and combine them to become a form of publication called photobook. As simple as it sounds, however, a photobook is not merely a combination of pictures after pictures. nor is it a book about pictures. There is always a theme or narrative that the photographer(s) want to convey, and to achieve it, collaboration is highly essential.

Ridzki Noviansyah on Collaborate!
Friday, August 7th, 2015
08.00 - 10.00 AM
at Conclave Co-working Space
Jl. Wijaya I No. 5C, Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan

Photographers, you’re gonna love this. If you’re not one, you’re gonna love it, too, anyway :) Book your slot now, and see you this Friday!

CreativeMornings remains free thanks to the support of, @cnclvco, @nulisbuku, @commongroundsjkt, and @elevatebakery.

Revolutions aren’t strangers to the creative community. We’re a community that breaks rules, challenges stereotypes, and makes change. We care deeply about the cities we live in and fight passionately for our convictions. – CreativeMornings HQ

In June, chapters around the world explored the theme of Revolution, including Jakarta. However, this time around, CreativeMornings Jakarta did something a bit different. Aside from the speaker, we also challenged our audience to take the stage for 5 minutes and speak up about their own revolutionary ideas, experiences, or stories that they think could change the rest of the audience’s perspective.

We named this session Audience Takes The Stage: The Revolution Starts Within.

But first, meet our speaker, Ayu Meutia.

23 years ago. Ayu was just a crying baby latching onto her stuffed Tweety bird. Today, she is a Head Copywriter at PT. Percolate Galactic. Her day job is “to make sure the clients are happy with lines she carefully crafts and delivers.”

But Ayu believes there are more to life. Since she was a little, Ayu has been exposed to poetry and she immediately fell in love with it. Yet, she did not produce any poems until 2013. That year, Ayu finally started gracing poetry stages and pages in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she went to college. She wrote and performed spokenword poetries under the wings of Senorita, female writers group based in Kuala Lumpur.

After going back to Indonesia for good, Ayu worked as a copywriter and editor in various multinational agencies while still honing her poem-writing skills. Back in April, she co-organized Unmasked, an open mic night held in Kemang.

Ayu’s mission as a poet is to “cheer anyone who needs to be cheered by her storytelling and spokenword” and also to meet more minds alike.

However, Ayu also keeps herself very humble. In fact, she was (unnecessarily) not very confident when we first invited her.

“[I’m] just a spokenword enthusiast, who happened to be recently holding an open mic night “Unmasked” together with Putri Minangsari which featured other poets. Other than that, [I am] a plain copywriter. As for Jakarta, [I have only] been [here] for 10 months! Well, that’s my brutal honesty, guys.

However, I guess, [there’s no harm in doing this], so I said yes to [Rofianisa’s invitation], because the theme was Revolution and speakers were allowed to be vulnerable and share their personal opinion about it…” Ayu wrote in her blog.

For June’s event, Emiralda took Rofianisa’s seat as the host for the day and sat alongside Ayu.

Ayu began the session by talking about how poetry becomes the tool for her revolutions. She also performed a spokenword piece on stage called 5 Things I Know About Revolution.

Ayu’s performance resulted snaps, claps, and many curious questions from audience who just heard it the first time. Snaps? Oh yeah, for spoken-word poems, audience snaps their fingers everytime they heard a line they like, instead of clapping. It was amazingly dynamic.

Then the audience took the stage. The first was Matthew Johnson from Las Vegas, who—with his cousin Amanda Johnson—was in Jakarta as part of their four months trip around South East Asia. He told the audience how the trip changed him, and what revolutionary acts he might do soon after he’s back home.

The second audience who took the stage was Dayang Melati, who seemed to have the public speaking genes running hard in her blood and took the term “take the stage” quite seriously! Dayang shared her revolutionary stories of being an Indonesian student abroad, and how she took courage to move out from her comfort zone and became more contributing to her surrounding.

A regular on both’s and CreativeMornings Jakarta’s events, @adiwaniw was the last audience who took our stage. She translated Chairil Anwar’s poem Aku—one of Indonesia’s canonical poem, which also happens to be the most rebellious—from Bahasa Indonesia into English for our diverse audience.

Our host for the day, Emiralda, closed up the session with her own revolutionary story of quitting the corporate life after 11 years and 7 months working in the same company. Check out her daily stories on #ENVohwatayear! She’s also hosting @nulisbuku, which is currently one of our awesome partners.

So that’s a wrap for our June edition, Audience Takes The Stage: The Revolution Starts Within. We thank everyone involved, especially our wonderful speaker, Ayu Meutia, for bringing such joy to our morning session. Until July!


When I heard that we’re going to have ROBOT as our May global theme, I couldn’t be more… unenthusiastic. Sorry! Being a very stereotypical woman as I am, my understanding and interest towards machineries is pretty much nonexistent.

However, when our speaker, Miebi Sikoki, stepped into the room and started telling his love affair with digital fabrication that combines art, design and machinery, I was in awe.

For a few years now, Miebi has been advocating awareness of tech culture through his digital fabrication studio, Digital Nativ. He dismantles the perception that tech is a cold, distant entity, and encourages everyday interactions by users to experience the possibilities technology provides. DigitalNativ are not just inventors—they’re artists.

For instance, they’ve made a goggle-earphone headpiece prototype that turns our vision into black and white, but translates colors into musical notes. So, for example, red is C, blue is D, and so on. Miebi attempted to use the headpiece for days non-stop, and see what would happened to his perception if he couldn’t see—but hear—colors? 


Miebi also stated that as massive technology continues to dominate our life, like it or not, we need to continually explore the role machines play in creativity and disruption, especially that now futuristic technologies in our childhood cartoons slowly becoming realities.

Miebi’s talk isn’t uploaded yet, but it will soon. Good news for the rest of you guys—it’s in full English :) Stay tune!

Apa itu CreativeMornings?
CreativeMornings adalah seri kuliah pagi untuk komunitas kreatif. Acaranya terdiri dari kuliah singkat, tanya-jawab, dan sarapan bersama. Diadakan sebulan sekali pada pagi hari, gratis, dan terbuka untuk siapapun.

Maksudnya seperti TEDx, gitu?
Kurang lebih begitu, namun lebih singkat, santai, mudah diakses, dan untuk komunitas kreatif.

Siapa penemunya?
Desainer Tina Roth Eisenberg di Brooklyn, Amerika Serikat, pada tahun 2008. Tina menciptakan CreativeMornings karena ia mendambakan sebuah acara kumpul-kumpul dan diskusi bersama orang-orang sepemikiran dalam nuansa yang intim, ditemani oleh kopi hangat dan sarapan ringan. Sesimpel itu.

Have you ever gone camping and had a campfire session, where you share stories with a group of friends? CreativeMornings departs from that idea.

Banget. Per Juni 2015, CreativeMornings sudah hadir di 116 kota di penjuru dunia, termasuk Jakarta, dan sudah mendatangkan ratusan pembicara dari berbagai latar belakang, mulai dari tokoh-tokoh legendaris sampai ‘pahlawan’ lokal. Dalam istilah CreativeMornings, cabang-cabang di setiap kota ini disebut chapters.

Gimana cara CreativeMornings bertahan untuk tetap gratis?
Di setiap chapter, CreativeMornings diselenggarakan oleh sekelompok sukarelawan. CreativeMornings juga bisa bertahan gratis berkat sponsor-sponsor baik hati serta mitra jangka panjang untuk penyediaan tempat, kopi, sarapan, dokumentasi, stationery, bahkan sumbangan dana.

Gimana cara setiap chapter memilih pembicaranya setiap bulan?
Setiap bulan, kantor pusat CreativeMornings menentukan tema global dalam bentuk kata kunci—Revolution, Education, Ugly, Ink, Humilty, Robot, dan sebagainya—lalu masing-masing chapter akan memilih pembicara lokal sesuai tema tersebut.

Siapakah organizer CreativeMornings Jakarta?
Rofianisa Nurdin dan Wendy Pratama, dua orang arsitek muda dengan segudang minat dan talenta. Sebelum membuka CreativeMornings chapter Jakarta, Rofi sempat hadir di CreativeMornings Singapore, dan sudah berteman baik dengan host CreativeMornings Bogota.

Kenapa harus ada di Jakarta?
Karena Rofi dan Wendy berpendapat—dan tim CreativeMornings Jakarta setuju—bahwa komunitas kreatif Jakarta sangat menjanjikan, terutama sejak pemerintah mulai mengembangkan industri ekonomi kreatif lima tahun lalu. Kita bisa saksikan sendiri, betapa cepatnya perkembangan komunitas kreatif secara keseluruhan sekarang ini. Definisi ‘industri kreatif’ di Jakarta pun sudah jadi luas sekali.

“Jakarta is full of chaotic infrastructures and corrupt government, but Jakarta is also a city of promise in every layer.

… It’s a crazy city over here in Jakarta, but the craziest thing is that despite all the madness, the people still have their hearts for and within the city on their struggle to survive.”

CreativeMornings Jakarta pertama kali diadakan pada bulan Desember 2014, dengan tema global Education dan pembicara Ary Indra (arsitek). Bulan ini, tema global Creative Mornings adalah Revolution, dan chapter Jakarta menghadirkan Ayu Meutia (penulis) sebagai pembicara.

Gimana, sih, kira-kira bentuk sebuah sesi CreativeMornings?
Pendaftaran dibuka di website diawal minggu hari H. Karena CreativeMornings Jakarta diadakan pada hari Jumat terakhir setiap bulan, maka pendaftaran dibuka Senin. Per hari ini, CreativeMornings Jakarta bertempat di sebuah co-working space bernama Conclave, daerah Petogogan, Jakarta Selatan.

Pada hari H, silahkan datang dan ikuti kuliah pagi bersama pembicara tamu, dengan bahasan yang berhubungan dengan tema global bulan itu. Jangan lupa ambil sarapan ringan dan kopi yang tersedia. GRATIS. We know you love that word :)

Oya, kami mulai di jam 8 pagi tepat, maka antisipasilah macetnya jalanan.

Setelah acara diskusi, kamu bisa berbaur dengan peserta lain yang kemungkinan besar adalah orang-orang keren yang sepemikiran dengan kamu. Kira-kira jam 10 pagi, kamu sudah bisa meluncur ke tempat aktivitasmu and start your working day.

Kenapa harus diadakan di pagi hari kerja, sih? Belum tentu saya dibolehkan ngantor telat oleh bos.
CreativeMornings sengaja diadakan di pagi hari kerja untuk menginspirasi dan membakar semangat kerja para pesertanya pada hari itu (dan semoga untuk sebulan ke depan). Kalau bos kamu susah dibujuk, coba tunjukkan tautan ini.

Jangan lupa setel alarm kamu, dan sampai jumpa di Jumat pagi!