"The end is often an opportunity for us to then present other ideas, new ideas, and inspire people even more."

— Ward Andrews. Watch the talk.

A doughnut airplane by our CreativeMornings design intern, Danny Swan.

We love the work of artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon, who creates beautiful, colorful paintings and drawings. She was also one of the early speakers at our CreativeMornings/SanFrancisco chapter, where she speaks on her work and process. Watch her talk. →

"Throughout history, cities have been flooded. Cities have been burned to the ground. Cities have been bombed. Cities have had their economic hearts ripped out of them. But cities have had the ability to come back, re-identify themselves, and become something else. "

— Mayor Bill Peduto. Watch the talk.

We love this project by CreativeMornings/NewYork attendees Erin Przekop and Tom Critchlow, Fiercely Made, which highlights the work of local Brooklyn makers and designers (available for purchase!). Featured here are Monster Island Tables by Noble Goods.