Fort Wayne is “the city that saved itself.“ We don’t wait for things to happen. We have big ideas, and we make them happen, one at a time, defying expectations of what’s possible in the Midwest. In the industrial age, our city was a hub of innovation, mass-producing the first televisions, stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Today, we’re innovating in new ways. Across our city, people with talent and ideas are seeing holes in the way things are, and building things from the ground up to make them better. Companies like Sweetwater are global leaders in online music sales. And new startups like Modbar are revolutionizing the way people around the world experience coffee.

Across our city, artists of all kinds are making a difference, breathing soul into the narrative of this place, giving old buildings a fresh coat of paint, and testing ideas that will take their skills to the next level. The musicians playing in our bars today are the ones you’ll be talking about tomorrow. We are scrappy and bold. Small and proud. Unexpectedly unconventional, and unconventionally spirited.


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