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November 29, 8:30am • AAA School • part of a series on Lost

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Rich Mulholland

So, April’s theme was a little less conventional than usual. The theme came unexpectedly but surprisingly got our audience to roar with excitement.

The theme was ‘Sex’.

Chances are you will only meet a handful of speakers in your life that will have the ability to truly shock your senses, whilst also inspiring you to do everything in your life at full throttle. Richard Mulholland qualifies as one of theses individuals, who employ a rapid-fire energy that is intelligent, poignant and oozes uncompromising honesty.

With his amazing qualities, Rich took us through the most energised talk about sex, ever, and left the audience hyped up and wanting more.

Among other things, Richard also runs a very successful company called Missing Link Presentations. If you are ever in need of unconventional presentations, then Richard is your guy. Check out their website here



We explored Cape Town street art in the month of March and hosted Faith47, world renowned graffiti artist as well as Lyall Sprong aka Thingking. 

Faith47 and Lyall Sprong have teamed up with the Design Indaba Trust to create an urban design initiative called #ANOTHERLIGHTUP. Together with Design Indaba Trust, they harness the visual power of design and crowd-funding to engage with the community and raise vital funds for a street light system, bringing light to one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Cape Town, Monwabisi in Khayalitsha.

Standing several stories high, their project is an experimental look at how to connect parts of the city that are otherwise far removed. The transformation of an ordinary building into something beautiful and uplifting, demonstrates what is possible when creativity and passion synergize flawlessly.

Their project breaches the gap between the world of design and the real world issues we face in South Africa.

check out the photo album of this event here


In February we welcomed Drew Madasci to share with our creative crowd  his story. 

Drew is a co-owner of House of Machines, a custom bike shop slash coffee bar slash apparel store. Embracing his inner rebel, Drew and his team members decided to create a hub of everything they’ve loved.

The House of Machines is a personal reflection of Drew and his team and does not conform to the norms of traditional custom bike shops. 


In January, the global theme was Childhood brought to you by Squarespace. 

 Jamie Mclaren came to play at Creative Mornings Cape Town to awaken the carefree child in each one of us and helped the audience find their sense of play we often lose along the way.

 Jamie, aka Jabulani is the founder and director at Clowns Without Borders and is always looking for laughter in life’s simplicity. He strives to live each day fully with compassion and amazement.

Among many other projects, Jamie is mostly involved in clowning around in the rural areas of Mpumalanga & Cape Town, specifically Khayalitsha working with children as well as with parents to try and reduce the risk of child maltreatment.

 He shared core elements of Childhood with playful energy so contagious it connected the audience with their sense of childhood.

 Some core elements of Childhood:

  • FEEL
  • PLAY

 Check out the rest of the photo’s on our Facebook page

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Creative Mornings with Karen Dudley from The Kitchen

Creative Mornings with Karen Dudley from The Kitchen