Join CreativeMornings/Athens and celebrate everyone’s creativity with the free monthly Friday morning event: free coffee and free breakfast, networking, 20-minute local speaker’s talk, discussion and again networking.

Our first event is scheduled for January 25. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned and to receive information about upcoming events and latest news.

You need to RSVP to attend the event. Registration is usually open on Monday before the event.

Want to become a part of this amazing initiative? Contact our team if you’re interested in volunteering, sponsoring, partnering, creating, dancing together or just chatting over coffee. Huuugs!

Athens, Ohio, is the city of students, creative entrepreneurs, and diverse communities. It is the home of Ohio University, the venue for more than 200 music, art and beer events, and about 20 festivals, the host town for Athens International Film and Video Festival. The city authorities encourage creative economy development and support every initiative connected to art and communities. Athens is open to everyone. Athens is a small city with a big heart!


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