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New organizers in Taipei, Sofia, Charlotte, and Richmond!

CreativeMornings keeps growing and growing! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the organizers of recently launched chapters in Taipei, Sofia, Charlotte, and Richmond. Give them a virtual high-five for being awesome.

CMTPE_Oliver Chang

Meet Oliver Chang, Taipei, Taiwan

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? Well, this is a tough question for me. I would love to visit all of the chapters! But at this moment, I’d say NYC because it’s where CreativeMornings started. I really want to meet Tina and the awesome team in person and learn from their experience of building such a great community for creatives. Also, I want to dive into its creative, sharing, and inspiring culture.

What excites you? Organizing meaningful events, bringing people together, and enabling interaction and collaborations excite me most, as it’s what exactly I am doing at Impact Hub Taipei now. But personally, traveling, meeting new people, big ideas, art and coffee all make me come alive!

What have you failed at? Many things. Sometimes I think I can do many things well at a time, but in the end not. Sometimes I dream too big. I’ve failed often, yet I fail fast and learn fast! All these experiences make me more mature and stronger. And…dreams don’t work unless you do, right?

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? I don’t think there is a specific ultimate one. Everyone sparks and adds something extraordinary to each chapter. And I want to include as many people as possible at our chapter, from celebrities to local heroes.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Everything through my life journey so far! From starting one local TEDx to Impact Hub Taipei, CreativeMornings Taipei, and FuckUp Nights Taipei soon. I consider myself an enabler to inspire people to do good to the world.

What is your vision for CreativeMornings/Taipei? My vision for CreativeMornings/Taipei is to become where magic happens! I want to make it a platform of inspiration where people are eager to join every month and leave with laughter, excitement, enthusiasm and energy.

Also, I aspire to see that CreativeMornings/Taipei will be a grassroots power to transform Taipei into an amazing creative city. Foster the city to be inclusive, inspiring, collaborative and resilient. Connect and empower people to be part of the ongoing changes in the city, join forces to create more impact from the bottom up.


Meet Rene Tomova, Sofia, Bulgaria

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? I would love to visit the Barcelona chapter. It seems so vivid and vibrant there. They have excellent design for their content and the crew just seems so genuinely happy. I would also like to visit a chapter far away somewhere - like Singapore or Guadalajara - just to see the point of views and the takes on the topics from the creative community somewhere far away from home.

What excites you? Kids. Their genuine curiosity and belief in the goodness of life. Stories. Scientific discoveries and the stories that my imagination plays in my head about their implications on the humankind (like this one, bio-printing is officially an industry!). Whenever I learn something new, it’s always exciting – my favourite learning place is Tim Urban’s blog; it’s in depth, to the point and with a sense of humor.

I am also extremely excited to be part of the startup scene in Bulgaria as a mentor in residence and a founder of the Design Thinking Lab of the Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund that just started to operate 3 years ago and is now really ticking being placed 3rd in Europe in number of investments, and the one that put Sofia on the world start-up map! The last startup that I worked with that blew my mind was mbraintrain.

What have you failed at? My first startup. Getting organized. Being on time. Consistently in all my New Year’s resolutions :)

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? There are three people that I would love to see at CreativeMornings/Sofia. The first one is Christo Yavasheff, a world renowned Bulgarian artist. I would love to learn from him what inspires him, how does his art get created in his brain (or maybe soul), what is his view point of the world today, why does he do what he does. I would also love to hear the beautiful mind of Elon Musk and be humbled to listen to the golden heart of Pope Francis on the world through their eyes – past, present and future.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? My daughter Emma. My family. My transition from the corporate world to the real one. My impact on many people to believe in themselves, give their best and fight to succeed.

What is your vision for CreativeMornings/Sofia? I love how CreativeMornings/Sofia is a nice, cozy, positive and inspiring event organized with love and lots of desire from a bunch of wonderful volunteers. I want it to keep the spirit but to grow bigger in order to impact positively many more people. I want us to be able to always find the speakers with big hearts and great minds who have a message to pass and a point of view to shift. I want us to keep enjoying the process and passing on the magic to more and different people - perhaps even ones from outside the creative community. Our vision is to attract and mix the different communities - startups, creatives, artists, students, business people, and everyone else in need of a small dose of Friday morning inspiration.


Meet Matt Olin, Charlotte, USA

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? Austin. They booby-trap that party with lots of love. And while we’re each distinctly unique, Austin and Charlotte are the two fastest growing cities in America, so it would be awesome to show up and bask in their chapter’s creative energy and experience the similarities and differences.

What excites you? Meeting other creative people and feeling that spark of connection and shared values and big thinking.

What have you failed at? Finding a replacement for my identical twin brother in other aspects of my life. Took me a little while to figure that one out.

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? William Shakespeare

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Stepping into my role of father with everything I’ve got.

What is your vision for CreativeMornings/Charlotte? CreativeMornings/Charlotte will give our fast-growing creative set a place to call home – to gather each month to get inspired, support each other, forge relationships and collaborate. I want us to help fortify our arts and culture scene and to further instigate those in and around it. To showcase Charlotte’s creative thinkers, makers and doers on a global level. To celebrate our city’s creative talent and show the world who we really are. I also want my daughter to grow up witnessing the immense impact that can be had on a community when you nurture its innate creativity.


Meet Doug Nunn, Richmond, USA

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? Can I pick a whole country? Or two? I have always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand. I’d love to go visit with the creative minds down under in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Auckland.

What excites you? The idea that I can be part of creating things that don’t exist today. Whether that is an event, an experience, a product, or an idea, it is empowering and exciting to work with others to create.

What have you failed at? Ha, well, as a Design Thinking practitioner I live by the motto of “Fail Fast” so I’ve had my share. I try to maintain the mindset that most of the things we do are experiments, all of which teach us something whether it goes the way we planned or in some other direction.

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? David Kelley. David’s work at IDEO is amazing but even more than that I admire his efforts to spread the idea of Creative Confidence. We are all creative.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement personally was marrying my wife Emily. She is the greatest teammate in the world and we are creating a great life together. I would say my greatest achievement professionally was starting a business. In the end it did not turn into what I had envisioned, but what I gained from the experience of finally taking that leap of faith was invaluable.

What is your vision for CreativeMornings/Richmond? The creative scene in Richmond is thriving with many great minds doing great work. I want our chapter to be a place where everyone feels welcome, where people walk in the door excited and walk out the door inspired. I want our chapter to be a place that embraces all forms of creativity and creates bridges between the creative people and projects happening in our city.

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