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New Organizers in Portsmouth, Rome, Santa Fe and Albuquerque!

CreativeMornings in now in 128 cities!. We’re so excited for the world to get to know four new chapters and four amazing new hosts! Please join us in welcoming Geneve from Portsmouth, Fabrizio from Rome, Meredith from Santa Fe, and Roxanne from Albuquerque.

Albuquerque and Santa Fe are trying something new: they’re sister cities. Because they’re so close to each other, they’re alternating the months they host an event so that more incredible creative individuals can meet each other every month. Cool, huh?


Meet Geneve Hoffman, Portsmouth, USA

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? I would like to visit CreativeMornings/SantaFe. I grew up in New Mexico and would love to re-immerse myself in the creative hum there. And I miss New Mexican food.

What excites you? Seeing, smelling, hearing new places - I love to feel experiences every chance I get. I spend so much time at my computer, so even just going to the ocean down the street and exploring a 12" square patch of sand awakens my senses and gets me excited to create and explore. My Instagram feed is a place where I share my wanderings.

What have you failed at? I have failed so far to master (or even begin!) a lot of the things that I thought were really “cool” when I was young…surfing, playing bagpipes, speaking Japanese. But now I wonder why I thought they were so cool! Although - surfing - sigh…

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? Benjamin Zander! He really should be counseling heads of states and not just conducting orchestras, but man would I love to have him speak at our little #CMPKX. Sally Mann would be pretty amazing too - I’d love to pick her brain on photographing her children - I am afraid to put my kid out there the way she did - but I admire her bravery immensely.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Not to sound cliched, and of course it’s been done billions of times over the course of human history…but having and now raising my beautiful 8 year old daughter - she seems like such a miracle - and I did that. :)

What is your vision for CreativeMornings/Portsmouth? In the words of Benjamin Zander - I really do want to put a bunch of creative people in the same room and see what unfolds - I want to see what happens. I love creating our own rules within the context of a larger purpose. CreativeMornings/Portsmouth, I am hoping, will be the perfect framework for this kind of creative group expression here in the seacoast regions of New Hampshire & Maine. Whether five or five hundred people show up - I hope we all can contribute something to CreativeMornings and each other.


Meet Fabrizio Pagani, Rome, Italy

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? There are so many chapters around the world; so many opportunities! So why choose only one to visit? Difficult choice, inspiration comes from everywhere, so I would like to visit at least one chapter in every continent.

What excites you? Interactions, building positive relationships, professional and personal development. One of the things I enjoy the most is to add something meaningful or useful to people’s lives.

What have you failed at? Not trusting enough in my instincts and my intuition to find balance in choices between work and personal life.

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? For me the ideal speaker would be the Italian actor, Roberto Benigni. He has performed a series of lectures explaining the “Divina Commedia” by linking a difficult ancient text with real and actual life situations, in a brilliant, positive and really inspiring way!

What do you consider your greatest achievement? For me, the greatest achievement is undoubtedly my family. My wife and my two children are the starting point of my motivation and my unceasing curiosity for life and the many wonders of this world.

What is your vision for CreativeMornings/Rome? I think that in our culture we basically tend to be individualistic sometimes, but at the same time social and creative. So given our complex background, I would love to generate excitement and to have the opportunity to bring an inspiring and contagious experience to the Roman community, becoming a main point to get to know interesting people, come out with great ideas and have fun during the process.


Meet Meredith Davidson, Santa Fe, USA

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? New York. Tina and the team are pretty darn inspiring. But, what would be fun to do too is a CreativeMornings trip around the world…would that make me a CreativeMornings Magellan?

What excites you? Storytelling! I love the connections made between people when you learn about their lives and hear about their passions through stories.

What have you failed at? Learning patience. Being in the “land of mañana” certainly helps me on this quest to master the art of patience though. Next question! snap snap (just kidding)

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? What I love about CreativeMornings, there is no ultimate speaker. So many people are doing interesting work that giving many people instead of one a voice and platform is particularly exciting. Okay, but I would love to have Prince talk. Prince, if you are reading this, because I know you must follow CreativeMornings, take this as a formal invitation!

What do you consider your greatest achievement? I think I’m in the throws of it now. Working at the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe I’m able to work with this amazing team to bring exciting programs to the Santa Fe community.

What is your vision for CreativeMornings/SantaFe? I love the idea of bridging our creative past (via exhibits and programs) and our creative future (via the CreativeMornings chapter and projects that spring from connections made via the events). Santa Fe is already a wonderful culturally diverse city and we are lucky to have such expansive offerings in the realms of performances, exhibit spaces, and public programs. I hope that CreativeMornings/SantaFe, by bringing in speakers who represent creativity in science, fine art, performance, and even historic preservation, can build a space – physical and mental – where people can make connections across disciplines and organizations and feel like part of a greater community. I have seen a lot of young people leaving Santa Fe for better economic opportunities, so I hope that CreativeMornings/SantaFe starts to provide a resource for those people who might be on the verge of venturing elsewhere. We are working closely with organizations who are interested in keeping our creative community vibrant and we hope to be part of something greater than ourselves that keeps talented people engaged here.


Meet Roxanne Blair, Albuquerque, USA

Which CreativeMornings chapter would you like to visit and why? Toughest. Question. Ever. I recently took a trip to Guadalajara and got to meet GDL Host, Susana, but wasn’t there for the actual CreativeMornings, so I’d love to go back and see them in action! But watch out world, I’m ready to visit all of you!

What excites you? Travel, meeting new people, hearing great stories, a book that you can’t put down, New Mexican food, and impromptu dance parties.

What have you failed at? I’m a self-hyper-critical optimist, so in my opinion I fail all the time but am able to at least turn it into lessons on how to improve. The only failures I have ever really regretted are failing to follow through on a commitment. So I’ve become much more careful at what I commit to!

Who would be the ultimate CreativeMornings speaker? Okay, maybe this is the toughest question ever… obviously I’d have to pick a New Mexican, so maybe Neil Patrick Harris! Or can we go back in time? Then I’d say Georgia O’Keeffe (a transplant to NM)!

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Being part of the team the built Creative Startups, a business accelerator for entrepreneurs with creative backgrounds that supports and promotes a diverse set of entrepreneurs from around the globe!

What is your vision for CreativeMornings/Albuquerque? A combination of 1. Fostering our local community and creating a radically-inclusive space where everyone can be a “creative” and 2. Showing off New Mexico’s talent to the world, letting our creatives know they have opportunities internationally.

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Philip Wannemaker • November 26, 2015